Tenancy Application Form 

Please complete the online form below or download our PDF application document. 
Rental Property Details 
Applicant Details 
Joint Applicant Name (if applicable): Please fill in a separate application for this person 
Proof of ID can be a photo of your passport OR your driving licence and birth certificate. Please ensure file size is no more than 10MB
Applicant Contact Details 
Applicant Next of Kin Details 
Lifestyle Details 
Bank Account Details 
Current Address 
Current Landlord, Letting Agent or Council if Council Tenant 
Previous Address 1 (If less than 3 years at current address) 
Time at this address: 
Previous Landlord, Letting Agent or Council if Council Tenant 
Previous Address 2 (If less than 3 years at prior address) 
Time at address: 
Previous Landlord, Letting Agent or Council if Council Tenant 
Employment Details 
Applicants on Maternity / Paternity Leave 
If you answered ‘no’ to this last question, please provide details in the additional information / notes section 
Income / Other Income - Please upload proof of income with your application form 
Retired Details 
Self-Employment Details 
Please supply 3 months accounts or 6 months bank statements 
Adverse History 
Adverse history includes County Court Judgements (CCJs), Bankruptcy, Individual Voluntary Agreements (IVAs), Administration Orders or any adverse Credit History, settled or not, that would have a material impact on this application. If your answer is ‘yes’ to any of the below questions, please provide details in the additional information section. 
Right to Rent 
If you do not have the required documentaion, please click here for advice 
Additional Information / Notes 
Please enter any additional information that you think may be of importance when processing your application i.e. details of any adverse credit, additional income, benefits, etc. If you have rented your present property for less than 3 years please provide names, addresses and contact details of all previous landlords or councils. 
Utility Brokers 
To help with the move-in process we have teamed up with Utility Brokers to streamline the registration process for your new property by notifying the local council, water supplier and your new energy provider of your move. We use software supplied by Utility Brokers to notify all the organisations that you have arrived and provide your contact information, moving in date and meter readings where applicable. 
Broadband & TV 
Utility Brokers work with different providers and offer the ability to sign-up before you move into your new home so that you are “live when you move in”. 
Gas & Electricity 
On moving in to your new property, you will generally be placed on a standard Gas & Electricity tariff which is usually the provider’s most expensive tariff, the Utility Brokers can arrange on your behalf for the supply of a property to be switched to their preferred supplier, during the void period. This ensures that opening and closing meter reads are sent to the right supplier at the right time which means no estimated bills or disputed meter reads that can cause no end of trouble for you. Not only that but it means you are on one of the best value tariffs in the UK. 
Deposit Protection Service 
When Rent East Yorkshire Ltd protects your deposit we will create an individual account for you and any other tenants so you can review your deposit and tenancy details. Where the deposit is paid by someone else they will be provided with a copy of the deposit protection. 
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